Exploring Groningen from a mobile accommodation

VW Holiday - Gerwien van Rij

Mobile accommodation with a kitchen, running water, a sitting area and four places to sleep: a camper provides you with the freedom to go anywhere you like. Gerwien van Rij and her husband used to hire out their own camper. This was a huge success and today they hire out six Volkswagen campers under the name of VW Holiday.

‘Houses on four wheels that provide all the freedom in the world’

Holiday Package

Thanks to their compact size, these campers also function as a passenger car if required, such as in a city or car parks. They are perfect for exploring the city as well as the province, and Gerwien has compiled various surprising packages for the latter. There is a package for the Wadden Sea area, through the sloping Westerwolde area with its brooks and primaeval forests or by well-hidden geocaches. This will take you to places you do not find in any brochure or folder. Go to www.vwholiday.nl for more information and inspiring holiday diaries.

Ter Borg (Westerwolde) Ter Borg (Westerwolde)

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