Walking on the seabed

Seals looking right at you from their sandbar, birds foraging for a meal after a long journey and the constant changing of the landscape as a result of the tides; the Wadden Sea area is a silent wilderness where you can go for a cruise, cross the mudflats or hike. In addition, there are wonderful options for food and drink refreshments.

So dark you can see everything

Until 1969 this area was the Lauwerszee. After the construction of a dam, the salt water was replaced by fresh water and the Lauwersmeer developed. This is where thousands of migratory birds make an intermediate stop, and how could they be wrong? This is an exceptional, vast, tranquil and varied scenic area.

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Culture plays an important and above all visible role in the city of Groningen. As you walk away the main railway station, you immediately see a cathedral for art: the Groningen Museum. The stately Stadsschouwburg (municipal theatre), the Grand Theatre and Vera temple of music also contribute to the city’s cultural status. But there is so much more: from pop-up galleries to open mic evenings and cultural festivals to street theatre.

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Due to its strategic location, the Bourtange fortress in east Groningen was repeatedly under fire, yet there was no captain who would consider giving it up.

Groningen is all about variation, and each region has its own distinctive countryside and character. Join us on an exploratory exhibition into seven wonderful Groningen sights.

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