Eat and sleep

VW Holiday

Travelling with a camper is synonymous to ultimate freedom. In Niehove, stop at an outdoor café under the trees and next to the old church. Buy fresh...

  • Relax in your mobile home
  • Park next to the nicest views
  • From €395.00 per weekend

Willem Jacob island hopping

The Willem Jacob is an 80-tonne clipper that in winter functions as a hotel in the charming Oosterhaven in the city of Groningen. The ship departs for the...

  • Athmospheric accomondation
  • 5-day island hopping in summer
  • From €35.00 p.p.

Groninger Harvest Package

Enjoy dinner and spend the night at the Piloersemaborg Groningen estate house of gourmet chef Dick Soek. He prepares dishes with pure flavours using...

  • 2 nights at the Piloersemaborg
  • 4- and 6-course dinner and breakfast
  • For €243.50 p.p.

Korensant Verhildersum

Experience the Hoogeland in style with this special package. Upon arrival at the Borg Verhildersum, you will be served a glass of prosecco, followed by a...

  • 5-course dinner in historic Borg
  • Stay in an athmospheric appartment
  • From €95.00 p.p.

’t Ailand

Whether you want to taste Wadden Sea fish or catch and prepare it yourself: the Dutch Wadden are literally at your feet at ‘t Ailand. Learn how to prepare...

  • Variety of delicacies from the Wad
  • Cooking classes fish, oysters, etc.
  • From €5.00 p.p.