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The village of Ziel (Groningen dialect for Termunterzijl) developed after in 1601 a sluice was constructed in the Termunterzijldiep canal. This was the end of the Stadsweg road that connected the city of Groningen via Appingedam, Farmsum and the Oosterhoed with Oost-Friesland, where people could continue their journey to Emden by ferry. 

In 1686 the Zijl was destroyed and almost all of the inhabitants died in the Sint-Maartens flooding. In 1725 a new sluice was constructed by order of the city of Groningen, called the Boog van Ziel.
The village is a protected rural area and popular among tourists. In addition to enjoying some delicious fish, visitors can enjoy the view from the dyke or visit the Cremer museum pumping-station and the soon-to-be completed Termunterzijl fishing museum. The Punt van Reide scenic area and the Reidehoeve visitor centre are nearby.


‘Round of Termunterzijl’, 38 km
Signposting via bicycle junctions 93-97-96-92-90-88-8-86-62-84-82-89-91-93

International Dollard Route

Termunterzijl is part of the international Dollard route. This 300-km-long bicycle route traverses the province of Groningen and the adjoining Rheiderland, Ostfriesland, Germany. The bicycle route passes through various idyllic villages and the panoramic polder landscape that was reclaimed from the sea in a century-long battle against the water. The route is signposted. The crossing from Delfzijl to Emden and Ditzum in Germany is part of the Dollard Route. Go to and for more information.


Trail from Termunterzijl to Punt van Reide, circa 13.6 km
Signposting via the Waddenwandelen junctions
Starting point: from the Termunterzijl TOP, cross the Plankpad (by the harbour) in a south-easterly direction to the Mello Coendersbuurt. From the Mello Coendersbuurt follow the trail along the Cremer and Rozema pumping-stations. From here, continue in an easterly direction to the Waddenwandelen junction 52. From this point follow the Waddenwandelen junctions 52-62-61-53-54-51-41-15-52

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