Tuk Tuk Lauwersoog

Various tuk-tuks seem to smile at you among the pilots and fish restaurants at Lauwersoog harbour. The headlights make their fronts look like little faces. ‘You’d almost pet them’, says owner Peternel Looze.

Her search for an ice cream van on the Internet resulted in a fleet of 14 tuks-tuks. When the weather is nice, the hood goes up and drivers can throb across the moped paths and roads of the Lauwersmeer National Park. While enjoying the breeze and inhaling the salty sea air, you see so much more than from a car: grazing Highlander cattle, thousands of water birds and an impressive white-tailed eagle if you are lucky. Because these snazzy tuk-tuks from the Italian Vespa factory can reach a speed of over 50 kilometres per hour, you can travel greater distances. The vehicle has room for four people, so you could hire a few of them for a great day with friends or colleagues. 

You’d almost pet them.

- Peternel Looze

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