Regional magic

All of the food is regional, as in the days when the Verhildersum Groningen estate house was built. The fish served at the Korensant Verhildersum restaurant comes from the Wadden Sea, meat from cattle kept on clay soil and edible flowers from the garden. You might wonder whether in the 16th century the Tjarda van Starkenborgh family ever enjoyed surprising dishes like visitors today do.

‘The taste and presentation of the dishes comprises 90% of the determining factor, in addition to the entourage, the temperature in the restaurant and music. We like to surprise our guests with something they have never tasted before and which is prepared with regional produce. We use flowers in many dishes, as well as herbs most people are unfamiliar with, such as lemon verbena’, says chef Wicher Werk, ‘and a critic once referred to it as magic.’ 

‘At Verhildersum, guests eat regional dishes according to the season.’

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