A lifeboat for a private yacht

The stout hatches, the large safety net and the snorkels are what really stands out on board the Gebroeders Luden vessel. The snorkels allow air to flow in and prevent water from entering whenever a wave sweeps across the deck.

‘Unlike modern lifeboats, this ship is so heavy that it goes right through waves instead of bobbing on top of them. The modern ones smash onto the waves so hard that you feel all of your intestines when you go ashore’, says volunteer captain Koos. But there’s no way you can move the Gebroeders Luden. Stretched out in the safety net under a blue sky, it is difficult to imagine that this ship was built for entirely different circumstances.

"This ship does not rock on waves; instead, it goes right through them"

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Construction started in 1969, before the Lauwersmeer lake was closed off from the Wadden Sea. The name, ‘Gebroeders Luden’, is a homage to Hendrik Luden who drowned in the North Sea in 1924. By way of thanks for the efforts of the KNRM (Royal Dutch Life-Boat Society) his brother left a bequest to build the lifeboat, under the condition that it would be named ‘Gebroeders Luden’.

The Gebroeders Luden lifeboat can be hired (including crew). A maximum of 15 passengers can come along. Book at http://www.gebroeders-luden.nl/mogelijkheden

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