Willem Jacob island hopping

Willem Jacob island hopping

The Willem Jacob is an 80-tonne clipper that in winter functions as a hotel in the charming Oosterhaven in the city of Groningen. The ship departs for the Wadden Sea as soon as the weather permits. The captains can take you anywhere, from Harlingen to the islands and Delfzijl.

The Willem Jacob can also take you island hopping: an expedition across the IJsselmeer lake and taking in the Frisian islands. It starts each Friday in Lauwersoog and each Saturday in Amsterdam.

Go to www.willemjacob.nl/en/ for more information.

4 hours of sailing, including snacks: €35.00 p.p. (min. 20 people)

5 days of island hopping: from €235.00 p.p. www.eilandhopper.nl/en/


Postbus 1170
9701 BD Groningen


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