Rummaging through family affairs

Few have friends called Unico, or Mello or Everdina Cornera these days. You can get to meet them when visiting the Menkemaborg castle though.

This is a 14th century stately home where you’re welcome to rummage through the family affairs. Have a peek into the lives of Unico and Everdina who inherited the mansion in 1699 and renovated it to satisfy their own taste. And something of an affluent taste at that… Sculptor Jan de Rijk carved the kind of mantelpieces that would be the very stuff of lifestyle TV programmes if he was producing them today. Any presenter worth his salt would salivate over the harmonious ensemble they create with the paintings of Hermannus Collenius, giving the room that deliciously modern 18th century feel.

"Menkemaborg is just one of the many mansions in Groningen that will transport you back in time."


Strolling through the garden, the study, the salon and the kitchen, you have the distinct feeling the residents might return at any moment to put on the soup or enjoy a game of chess. They probably weren’t particularly tall. The elegant bed in Chinese silk damask is at least 20 centimetres too short for the average Dutch person today.

Located adjacent to the mansion is the treasury. Menkemaborg’s former farmstead. In a previous era this is where the cattle were kept, now you have a choice of delicious things to eat and drink here

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