Groningers love socializing, which is why there are many bars, cafes and restaurants in the city. A fresh cup of coffee or a foaming glass of beer are never far away when you are in the city. The fact that many bars don’t have a closing time makes Groningen the perfect city for very long nights. Learn from the locals, discover their hotspots and feel at home in this awesome and down-to-earth city!

Black & Bloom

Oude Kijk in ’t Jatstraat 32 - Launch your day with an excellent cup of coffee at Black & Bloom, the place to go to for fantastic black coffees and that individual Groningen hospitality. There is no one in Groningen as serious about coffee as the owner of Black & Bloom. Every year he’s on the jury at various barista competitions. Make sure you show up with appetite; their pies and cakes are real treats.

Het Bakkerscafé

Zwanestraat 26 - The bakery café is both a bakery and a lunch café all rolled in one. This is where you can experience some truly original tastes, everything freshly made, of course, and mostly organic. Take the time to enjoy some cracklingly fresh bread or one of the other bakery specialities. Not hungry? You can also head for the Bakkerscafé if your sole desire is a delicious coffee, a mug of steaming tea or for your first beer of the day.


Verlengde Grachtstraat 1 - Anat is Groningen’s first vegan restaurant and is run by the young and enthusiastic Anat. At this breakfast and lunch café located on the rim of the Noorderplantsoen you’ll discover a fully vegan menu, featuring dishes made with organic ingredients, as far as possible, and no sugar. This former student house has benefited from a full make-over – with the help of crowd funding – to become an attractive and colourful building. Good day for a picnic? On sun drenched days you can pack your breakfast or lunch and enjoy it in a quiet spot in the Noorderplantsoen.

Le Souk

Folkingestraat 21 - In the Folkingestraat you'll find the North African supermarket le Souk. From the fresh and dried herbs to the the dried fruits and from the home made tapas to the amazing varieties in couscous, lentils, cheeses, spreads, olives and nuts: Le Souk is a food walhalla for everyone. You will be amazed by the prices too, it's so affordable! For example: a big quantity of peppermint or parsley for €0.50 or dried dates for €0.70 per 100 gram.

Ludina Terras

Turfsingel 6 - The Ludina Terrace opposite the De Toeter bar has become a premier attraction spot in Groningen in a relatively short space of time. Two years ago the terrace won Misset Horeca’s ‘The Netherlands’ best terrace award’. This year it was Groningen’s best terrace in Misset Horeca’s Terrace Top 100. It is also remarkable that part of the terrace sits on top of a traditional boat. The relaxing lounge couches invite you to sit back and enjoy a refreshing drink. Beer enthusiasts are well catered for with a wide selection from a comprehensive beer menu.


Vismarkt 1 - There is now a new hotspot for those who desire to begin their day with a superb cup of coffee or top it off with a delicious glass of wine. Cappuvino is a wine and coffee bar that instils quality and ambiance as key ingredients. Here guests can enjoy tempting finger-food and wonderful views of the Vismarkt market. Who can resist?


Vrydemalaan 2 - Until a few years ago, the striking dome-shaped building at Vrydemalaan housed a 3D cinema, but now the domed theatre has been transformed into DOT: a place for lunching, dining, lounging and generally for just chilling out and relaxing on the terrace. And if the weather turns hot, you can take the plunge straight into the water from here, as DOT is located directly on Groningen’s city beach. Lonely Planet enthuses that this is one of the Netherlands’ most attractive beaches.

Brussels Lof

A-kerkstraat 24 - Simple, warm, artistic, casual, classical music and friendly hospitality; words that best sum up the Brussels Lof restaurant, ensuring you of an informal and pleasant visit. The kitchen’s key points are: fresh, pure, simple, fish, shellfish, vegetarian, vegetables, light, seasons and, indeed: organic. Dining at Brussels Lof means experiencing a pleasant choice of classic and current dishes.

Grand Café-Restaurant Mr. Mofongo

Oude Boteringestraat 26 - Mr. Mofongo is a welcoming, spacious bar offering a comprehensive and irresistible cocktail menu. Behind the glass on the first floor are the giant tanks where Mr. Mofongo’s booze is distilled. The liquor cabinet of this cocktail bar is so high (7 meters!) that they have a robotic arm to get the drinks down.

Brouwerij Martinus

Kostersgang 32-34 - Located in Groningen’s centre, a mere stone’s throw from the Grote Markt, the Martinus Brewery brews its exceptional beers in an exclusive industrial building at Kostersgang. Six individual beers are brewed in this former printer’s from Pale Ale and Triple to Weizen. Complementing the brewery there is also a tasting room and restaurant, where various events are regularly organised. The Martinus Brewery is open Thursday to Sunday, both days included. The restaurant is closed on Sunday.

TOET het TOETjesparadijs

Zuiderdiep 85 - A real ‘not to be missed’ opportunity to satisfy everyone with a sweet tooth. Something mouth-watering with your coffee? Here at the dessert paradise it’s probably more meaningful to say: a coffee with all those delicious temptations? Every day the delectable treats are different and, as far as possible, created using organic, local and gluten-free products. And if you want to indulge in the lure of (almost) all of these delicious temptations, there is a 7-course TOET dinner available, featuring both savoury and sweet dishes. 

Belgisch Café de Pintelier

Kleine Kromme Elleboog 9 - If you feel up to a grand tour of Belgium’s beers in one location, this beer café is your venue. And if these Belgian delights stir your appetite… The Dutch are rightly proud of their snacks, so you will find most of the renowned Dutch munchies to douse your craving feature on the menu here.

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