Groningen is your premier destination for an outstanding ‘Shop till you drop’ day. Here you will find abundant markets, specialist shops and design and concept stores to cram your day full of fun and enjoyment! Folkingestraat and Zwanestraat - Kromme Elleboog have both previously won the annual ‘Best shopping street in the Netherlands’ award and are surrounded by ample varied and exceptional shopping areas and streets. Groningen is also the destination for lovers of vintage and antiques. The following shopping tips will guarantee success.

De Kaaskop

Zwanestraat 24 - Maybe you already realised that the Dutch love their cheese. Once you set foot in this shop you will be amazed by the many varieties of cheese you can get here. This in combination with all the foods you love to eat in combination with some cheese, like: olives, nuts, bread and spread. A true paradise for every cheese lover among us and a perfect place to collect some delicacies for a good night with your friends.


Folkingestraat 17 - For an eclectic mix of design and interior products, clothing, jewellery, food and stationery, head for the FOLK concept store. Each product is chosen with care by two interior and product designers from Groningen who like nothing better than to share the love for their profession with everyone. The shop offers beautiful, hand crafted items the arena they deserve.


Oosterstraat 26 - KOKOTOKO is a concept store for people seeking to contribute to a happier world. The shop is for idealists who not only think that honest wages and healthy working conditions are imperative, but who also desire to support the local economy. Looking for that something special? KOKOTOKO stores little; what you see on the racks is what there is. So slim chance of seeing someone else in the same t-shirt.


Carolieweg 13 - Stardust is the sure-fire address for outstanding and affordable vintage clothing from the nineteen eighties and nineties. Stardust also offers a ‘remade vintage’ collection, a collaboration with a number of enthusiastic Groningen studios and designers. This means that the shop always has a collection of original items on the racks. The vintage and remade vintage are complemented by a range of new brands.

Dille & Kamille

Grote Kromme Elleboog 18/20 - Dille & Kamille exists to make life more pleasing and they do this by giving a special twist to everyday products. Kitchen utensils, herbal tea, fragrant soaps: you will find here all the functional basics along with must-have items to pamper yourself or treat someone else close. In the process, Dille & Kamille keeps a firm eye on respect and care for the natural environment, which only helps make their products even more attractive.

HK Living Brand Store

Oude Boteringestraat 11 - HK Living specialises in handmade and natural products. As well as the wonderful HK Living collection, you will also discover Putumayo World Music and individually composed cards and posters. The shop is so brimful of objects of desire that with every visit your eyes are guaranteed to be captured by something new. One very good reason for visiting as often as you can. 


Zwanestraat 29 - Colourful clothing for women and children, as well as (retro) toys, gifts, stationery, fashion and living accessories and trimmings. Diezijner is a mini warehouse where the larger brands and the local and smaller designer products sit side by side. The selection changes rapidly. Instead of bending to the latest fad, this is about moving towards the individual and timeless. Good to know: almost all products are ecologically sound, fair-trade and/or locally produced.

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