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Lauwersoog is at a special location where fresh and salt water meet between the scenic areas of the Wadden Sea Area UNESCO World Heritage Site and the Lauwersmeer National Park.

The Lauwersmeer was created on 23 May 1969, when the Lauwerszee was closed off, mainly because of safety reasons. As a result, the elevated seabed was uncovered. During the initial years, large parts were left to themselves, allowing nature to develop. The former salt marshes along the coastline have been transformed into agricultural domain. Because of the dam and the continuous inflow of the Reitdiep, Dokkumer Ee and Dokkumergrootdiep canals, the water went from salt to brackish and then fresh, allowing the local flora and fauna to change along with it into a stunning new countryside. The area is a true birds’ paradise and the natural environment is so marvellous that in 2003 the area was designated a National Park.


Round of the Lauwersmeer, 44.4 km
Signposting via bicycle junctions 6-89-90-88-84-85-83-50-13-46-45-4-73-5-6


Observation tower trail, 6.3 km
Start at junction 83 and follow the route across the Ballastplaat via junctions 83-84-21-83.
Alternatively, take the route using the blue marked trail, 5 km. This route starts at junction 84.

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