Made in Groningen

Plenty is created, grown and brewed in the inspiring northern part of The Netherlands, and at some point almost everyone has tasted Groningen mustard, mustard soup or a slice of Groningen cake. But many more products are made in Groningen, from clothing to (alcoholic) beverages: the next products are all 100% made in Groningen.

Groningen beer

Groningen was once the granary of the Netherlands, so it comes as no surprise that the region has a rich beer history. Groningen breweries have mushroomed in recent years, and the following breweries are found in the province: Bax Bier (city), Rockin’ Ludina Brewery (city), Brouwerij Martinus (city), Pivo Brouwers (Haren), Corviri (Glimmen), Brouwerij Vandenbroek (Midwolde), M-bier (Veendam), Wildervanker Bierbrouwerij (Wildervank) en Brouwerij De Klappe (Zuidbroek). More about Groningen beer >>


If you want to learn to play the latest song of your favourite band immediately after it comes out, you can! With the on-line Chordify music service you will find the chords of your favourite songs in no time at all. The Groningen start-up, set up in 2013, is internationally active with their music service that automatically recognises chords and plays them in a handy and intuitive player for piano, guitar and ukulele. More about Chordify >>

Blanka wine

Blanka currant wine is an organic, slightly sweet white wine with a fresh aftertaste. The currants are grown with care and attention at Landgoud, an organic farm in the north of Groningen. If you would like to taste it, you have to go to one of the few restaurants in the province that serve it, or order it at Landgoud. More about Blanka >>

Van Hulley

If the collar of your favourite shirt or blouse is worn, but the rest is still looking fine, the ladies of Van Hulley can give it new life. Within five days they will transform your item into a trendy and comfortable ladies or men’s pair of boxer shorts. The women working at this social enterprise thus gain work experience and can follow a training course; a win-win situation. More about Van Hulley >>


The eierbal (somewhat comparable to Scotch egg) is Groningen’s pride when it comes to snacks; a delicacy that will make everyone lick their lips. It is made from a hard-boiled egg in ragout, which is coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried. If you would like to taste this Groningen delicacy, you can get them from a vending machine or at the better Groningen snack bars.

Heidi Liebt

Groningen is also the place to be for a trendy winter beany. Heidi Liebt is a young and casual brand that produces cheerful and affordable beanies. They are knitted in the Netherlands and put together by hand; Heidi Liebt thus helps to keep the last remainders of the Dutch craft industry standing. The beanies and rollnecks by Heidi are perfect for winter sports and to protect against the cold Groningen winters. More about Heidi Liebt >> 

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